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Dear Queer and Trans* Friends in the asylum process, dear LGBT*QI* Refugees and Migrants,

the Migration Council Berlin Brandenburg and GLADT are inviting you to a Networking Meeting „Queer Refugees more than just welcome?!“.

In preparation for the Networking Meeting we are compiling a nationwide list with organisations, that are actively supporting LGBTI*Q* Refugees. Whilst researching we noticed that many counselling offers were lacking expertise in the field of asylum and sexual identity. The offers are not open enough, especially toward Trans* Inter*-People who are seeking asylum. Especially LGBTI*Q people themselves and supporters from migrant self organisations are supporting LGBTI*Q refugees and taking a stand for their concerns and issues. At the Networking Meeting we would like to present this Mapping and its results.

For this Networking Meeting on the 22nd September we are inviting you LGBTI*Q* Refugees and Migrants with nationwide LGBT*I*Q Organisations, migrant self organisations, and other players in the field to get together for an exchange. In order to make your voices visible we want to collect your wishes, comments, thoughts and feedback in different languages on a large board. The results of this Vision Board will be discussed with all participants in the evening.

Furthermore the Meeting is split in different parts, which are either open to all or only for LGBT*I*Q refugees (see preliminary conference plan).

Thursday, 22nd September 2016
9 am-7 pm

Audimax, Alice Salomon Hochschule,
Alice-Salomon-Platz 5, 12627 Berlin

Please register with the name of your city, and the number of participants at:

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